About me

established in 2009

2009 I was a victim of rape. I felt so bad, I had to leave my apartment, and live with my dad Ricardo Guillén. He took care of me. And I have become an artist, a lifeartist.

I started painting as I was living at my parents house. It was a long project comming back to life. But I admit it was worth it cause, what if I just lived my life, not seeing and sensing my life?

Painting for me is like trying to see life for what it is.  I admit now life can be hard. But since I use the law of atraction I have become better and this will  have to be my reciliation.

about my short model caréer

In 2005 I started out as a model so that I could have nice pictures at my blog.  I like to feel good about how I look and I´m seeing forward to see myselfe, when I become ´90 years old. I like modelling for different reasons: When I was making blog design for myselfe and other bloggers and putting my model pictures in my blogs, i did a lot´s of PHP programming.  2014-2015 I worked at a medicine company with their databases, so I like modelling cause it reminds me that I´m able to do thigs. 

Just because I felt bad a long time the world is not over. I will fight for my happynes, and a lot´s of my happynes comes from my relationship with Peter Blixt, who is my boyfriend and life friend for ever. Most of my paintings are about old lonely hearts that are bursting, or sometimes the hearts becomes a reminder of love tho there is a lot´s of problems to solve in the whole damn world.  Sometimes I use ol relationships to inspire me to paint hearts. I want to start use more colorful oils cause gray bores me out. . .  Welcome!

the story of my vernissage

I have become an artist, a lifeartist. In 2009 I had my first vernissage at my own crib. The apartment was empty so I used it as an artist gallery.

Since then I had tre other exposures, one in the library at Baravägen in Lund wich is the library of the hospital in Lund, where  I live. I´ve also been contacted by Agora Gallery placed in NY for exposure, but I´m not so rich I can go and travel there, that has to be a new mission or hope for a grater goal, and vision.


My mission is to spread Love and paint hearts in a lot´s of diferent shapes and colors that are very strong, like red against green and so on.


My vision is to spread my paintings, and become a real artist. And to be able to be payed before I die, a lot´s of artist get recognition after they go and drop dead. I want to change this!