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Eva Guillén

Welcome to my site!

Eva Guillén is an infamous artist and musician located in the beautiful city of Lund, in southern of Sweden. Welcome!

About Me

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Hi. My name is Eva Guillén and I ´m a unknown but infamous artist in Lund, Sweden. I started out as a photomodel, and did som work for The Body Shop, I won their chalenge “Swedens most beautiful lips” and won the price, for The Body Shop´s product: “Born Lipy”. Since I liked to blog, I started doing blogdesign, and making photos with different photographers located near Lund.

One of them, treated me badly. And I went through harsh time with a #metoo disaster. So I moved in to my fathers home and he toock care of me. I started painting symbols of fallos and hearts. That´s what comes up. It was really awesome to create, and squeeze the lemon I´ve ben through.  So enjoy. My band is called: “Beauty School Dropout”. So I´m not only a poser, I´m a rocker. . .


Please visit my music @ Youtube.com
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